How to login as AdminUser

ALERT! NOTE: If you lock yourself out of AdminUser during setup activities or have forgotten the configure password, you can unset the configure password by editing the lib/LocalSite.cfg file and deleting the line that starts with Foswiki::cfg{Password} and then set it again by saving your settings in configure.

How to add the first administrator
If you haven't previously set up an administrator, follow these steps:
  • Note: This help text will disappear once you have added a user to this group, so read it all before adding your first user.
  1. Authenticate as the internal administrator:
  2. Scroll down to the Administration section at the bottom of this page
  3. Expand the "Add Member" twisty if necessary
  4. Enter one or more users into the provided field; eg. JoeUser, JimUser
  5. Click the Add Member button
  6. Return to this page by clicking the group name on the confirmation page.
  7. Logout from the internal administrator
  8. Verify that new members show up properly in the group listing at Main.WikiGroups
  9. The ALLOWTOPICHANGE and ALLOWTOPICRENAME settings in System.DefaultPreferences and Main.SitePreferences have already been set to this group (AdminGroup), restricting edit of site-wide preferences to the Wiki Administrator Group

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